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INTEGRAL SAFETY offers you Turnkey projects in the follwing area. These projects have been tested and proven to be best in many of the top industries & offices. INTEGRAL SAFETY offers you Turnkey projects in the follwing area. These projects have been tested and proven to be best in many of the top industries & offices.

  • Fire Hydrant Systems

  • This is the basic Fire Fighting System which involves manual fire fighting with or without automatic activated pumps having under ground or above ground water storage normally a ring based system covering the entire building vertically at mid landing and around the exterior within the building premises. A dedicated Fire Water tanks is provided exclusively for the system capacity decided by the area and hazard of the premises.

    Pumps consists of Main Pump – Electrical & Diesel, Jockey pump & Diesel pump again depends on the premises to be protected. Fire Hydrant Systems are generally categorized as Down Comer, Dry Riser, Wet Riser & Wet Riser Cum down comer. The Main Components of Fire Hydrant Systems are:

    • • Under Ground / Over Head Tank
    • • Piping – Riser, Yard Ring
    • • Pumps – Main Electrical / Diesel, Jockey, Booster
    • • Control Panel for pumps
    • • Hydrant Valve Single / Double
    • • Hose Reel Drum
    • • Hose Box Single / Double
    • • Hose Pipes & Branch Pipe

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • These systems are designed for quick automatic activation and in areas where the hazard is more and delay in fire fighting response time. It is very effective in controlling the spread of fire and can also extinguish the fire completely as it detects & directly sprays water on the fire.

    TThe basic component of Sprinkler System is a Sprinkler head fitted with a quartzoid bulb which blocks the outlet preventing the water from coming out. The bulb is filled with liquid which expands when the ambient temperature rises and at certain pre set temperature it bursts thereby releasing the water.

    TSprinklers heads are available are installed in various type viz., Upright, Pendant, Sidewall, Concealed as per site requirement.

    TThe system may be connected to the hydrant main line or it can be connected to dedicated pump as per requirements of the premises.

    TThe Sprinkler system is designed according to the classification of Fire hazard and occupancy of the building and connected to a network of pipes, distance between each sprinkler is generally 3 mtrs.

  • Medium / High Velocity Spray Systems

  • These systems also known as deluge systems are similar to Sprinklers Systems except that the sprinklers heads are open and not pressurized with water and used for cooling and fire extinguishing and cooling . These sprinklers are connected to pipes which run parallel to another pipe which contain sprinkler heads with bulbs and pressurized with water which acts as detection system. Some detectors or heat detectors also used as per application requirement, When the sprinkler heads with bulbs detect the temperature rise they operate and the pressure drops which activates the deluge valve. Once the deluge valve is operated the water floods the dry line and is sprayed from all the sprinkler heads at once.

    The sprinkler heads come in various types and spray angles as per application.

  • Gas Based Systems

  • Gas based systems are generally automatic and used in places where water cannot be used and the fires are extinguished by flooding the complete area with extinguishing gas. These systems are always coupled with detection system which detects the fire and signals the Gas based system to activate and release the gas.

    There are many types of flooding systems, some of which are as below.

    CO2 Flooding System
    FM 200 Clean Agent System
    Novec 1230 Clean Agent System
    FE-13 Clean Agent System
    Argon Clean Agent System
    InergenClean Agent System

    CO2 systems are used to its high rate of expansion as it in highly pressurized form in cylinders and rapidly covers the area of fire. It extinguishes the fire by depleting the oxygen level and reducing the temperature instantly.

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